The Institute for Business and Intelligence (IBI) is the private, next generation academic business development hub founded in 2011 by academic & business professionals at a US/EU accredited Business School. By keeping close proximity to both academia and business, it is serving with an intellectual curiosity to understand the ramifications of innovations and the need to channel findings in constructive directions by taking financial and economic risks at complex markets. 

Building on its extensive experience in fundraising, research supported strategic consulting, intelligence-enabled networking, and direct professional relationships in more than 100 countries, as of 2020, the IBI has negotiated over 400 agreements in various sectors including IT, telecom, green energy, agro-tech, arts, charity and education. As per a virtual, project-based modern collaboration style, the IBI evaluates businesses and organizations with a rigorous due diligence process, using internally developed metrics. Once fully vetted, varieties of agreements tailored which could include representation, consultancy work, business development, strategic alliance and direct/indirect investment deals. The IBI is dedicated to accomplishing its unique mission in a legally, financially and intellectually independent manner, working in harmony with standard business ethics regulations (FCPA, WTO, etc.) and practices. The IBI is especially inspired by projects helping to adjust social and environmental imbalances (professions, just opportunities, regions etc) distressed by the ramification of innovation and/or unfortunate structures of power.

IBI approved project types:

  • Resilience consulting: the external and internal potential of the organization solely based on the entity’s business integrity, operational intelligence, stakeholder-citizenry and operational culture that are strictly vetted all cases. Entities receive an assessment report, real time research and consultancy to begin with, which may lead to professional network partner introductions at the minimum of fifty countries per assignment – more information for partners.
  • Vertical industry business development: solely at the satellite-based internet and telecom industries via connecting industry experts to innovative regional business collaborates at the SCM – more information for partners.
  • Over-The-Top (OTT) media content development: strategic partnerships with relevant cultural media content creators and consulting for channel utilization to engage English speaking & transitioning market economies – more information for partners.
  • Supporting academic institutions: co-founding and advising responsive knowledge institutions with a focus on sharing bespoke practices on tackling systemic imbalances caused by the multilevel influence of digitalization within the education industry – more information for partners.
  • Supporting Venture Capitalists (VC) in stress: periodic cooperation agreements set to advise on whole investment portfolio of startups and growth ventures with domestic and international market networks' intelligence mostly liaising between developed and transitioning market economies at a multilateral fashion – more information for partners.
  • Collaborating with partner offices: the IBI is to add value by advocating for humility, fair practices and win-win development frameworks at the complex, interactive and interdependent business realms. Confidentiality, transparency and sensitivity are highly graded at its trustworthy and long-term partnerships at Budapest, Vienna, London, Ulaanbaatar, Tbilisi, Beijing, Johannesburg, San Francisco, etc. – more information for partners.